Mistress Says Lick My Asshole!

I work as a Dominatrix for higher class cliental in the New York/Boston area, mainly bankers, doctors and high priced lawyers. Men who are into the whole power trip and demand respect and obedience from people (ie. their poor female secretaries and suffering wives) in their regular jobs....but not from me! HELL NO!

I specialize in training these males to do one thing, and one thing only - lick ass! MY ASS to be exact! I find nothing excites me more than to have some bossy male blubbering away as I put him on his knees with his hot tongue thrust up my tight brown anus licking and working my shit hole for all he's worth as I spread my asscheeks. It's awesome!

Of course, many is the time I have to demand they lay on the ground as I squat on their faces and rub my moist pussy and ass back and forth across their nose and mouth (and lord help them if they dare get an erection without Mistresses' permission!;) often while telling them of their short-comings and how pathetic a male specimen I find them to be...And do you know I often make them bring them wives and girlfriends along so they can watch our little facesitting and ass licking sessions? I find it adds to the shame and humiliation these powerful men are secretly seeking from me...and pay WELL for!

I also select a lucky few to be trained as toilet slaves for my pleasure. I consider it an honor for a slave male to be allowed to witness me on the "throne".....What do they have to do and what are their tasks you might ask? Well, first they must always stand at attention next to the toilet and hold the paper as I pee or shit. I expect them to comment on the divine smell and aroma of my urine and shit as I go. If they please me with their comments, I allow them to delicately wipe my pussy and ass, but only after they have BEGGED permission to perform this service for me...

But if they don't please me, or I'm just feeling like a real mean bitch, I make them kneel and taste my asshole BEFORE they are allowed to wipe me! I often grab them by the hair and literally thrust their faces between my sweaty asscheeks, asking them how do they like the smell NOW? I also have been know to make them go to the kitchen and fetch a glass. I then piss in it and make them taste it. "Have a sip now and then save the rest for later, pig" I often tell them, knowing full well I'm going to enjoy seeing them drink down a full glass of my cold piss later as punishment for some transgression, haha.

I have my own obedience phone service, but some of my Dominatrix friends also run phone sex services that specialize in femdom fetishes like small penis humiliation for their clients that enjoy being shamed about the size of their cocks (don't laugh, many men do - powerful men) or dabble in the more extreme delights of painful cock and ball torture but mainly I just enjoy training males to taste my asshole and tell me how much they enjoy it!

I've had a few clients that request sissy training, so sometimes I relent and put them in a nice pair of panties and high-heels for them to prance about the room in before they get down to tasting ass, but mainly I'm a facesitting and ass worship bitch Goddess. A man's place is between my cheeks I say, and many a male would agree!

So ladies, in closing, I'd say if you have a husband or boyfriend that thinks the sun shines out of his ass, try making him taste yours - you'll see a marked improvement in his respect and behavior...if not, you can always send him to ME!

Mistress Anubus


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